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Who is Jean Rollin?

A man who has spent his childhood in the middle of some of the greatest intellectuals of the twentieth century.
An artist who has worked with Maguerite Duras for his first film.
A director's career singular and unique in French cinema, with films overtly fantastic, surreal, poetic - disconcerting.
A filmmaker has always murdered by the critics but starting, finally, to enjoy some recognition in France, while many fans worship him already in Europe and the United States.
Jean Rollin signs a marginal and unknown work marked by death and nostalgia, and whose main obsession is the time, that of the wandering and dreams.

Jean Rollin died in December 2010 at the age of 72. This documentary is the portrait of a real artist, the last surrealist, a poet who created his very own dreamworld. A tribute for a unique director, with testimonials from his closest collaborators.


2011 - 78 min. approx.
Format DV-Cam - 16:9
In production


Jean Rollin, The Stray Dreamer


Burning Rooster Productions & Purple Milk Production

Written and directed by
Damien Dupont et Yvan Pierre-Kaiser

Jean Rollin, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Pete Tombs, Natalie Perrey,
Pascal Françaix, Brigitte Lahaie, Ovidie, Jean-Loup Philippe,
Caroline Vié and Philippe Druillet.

Thomas Van Hoecke
Yvan Pierre-Kaiser

Thomas Van Hoecke
Damien Dupont
Julien Appert

Thomas Van Hoecke

Philippe D’Aram

Yvan Pierre-Kaiser

© Purple Milk Production - Burning Rooster Productions, 2011.